Feasibility study

Whether pension scheme de-risking is being driven by the trustee or the company, it is important to understand and accept the potential benefits and associated costs of the de-risking options before embarking on the journey. A full de-risking feasibility study can look at a scheme in detail to identify the solutions most likely to help in reaching its end goal of either self-sufficiency or wind-up.

Completing a feasibility study can help you to identify any cost, funding or accounting reasons which could prevent an exercise from proceeding at a later stage. For example, if you are considering whether to complete a buy-in or buy-out, starting off the process with a focused feasibility study will help you to assess the pricing against key financial metrics and identify any data or benefit obstacles.

We undertake comprehensive feasibility studies which help trustees and companies align their de-risking objectives and to decide which de-risking activities to investigate further. We will advise you of appropriate solutions for your scheme, taking into account the trustees’ objectives and the membership profile of the scheme.

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